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CLEANROOM SOLUTIONS is the CONSULTING division of Cleanroom Results Inc.  We translate our client's goals into cleanroom design parameters and specifications that maximize the return on investment based on site conditions, current ISO operational suggestions, and available construction budgets.

RIGID WALL Modular Cleanroom

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Typical STICK BUILT cleanroom

Note GOLD lamps above to eliminate ultraviolet light. This approach is often used in semiconductor applications.

The four basic types of cleanroom construction are (1) Softwall  modular Rooms or Enclosures, (2) RIGID-WALL modular rooms, (3) HARDWALL modular rooms, and, (4) "stick-built" rooms. Materials of construction should be chosen based on ISO classification desired and the purpose of the room. For example, if you desire to routinely disinfect a room and its contents, a rigid-wall or hardwall or stick-built enclosure would be best, as opposed to a softwall enclosure since it would be much harder to disinfect softwall curtains as opposed to the harder surfaces in the other types of cleanroom options for materials of construction.

It is important to remember that your cleanroom will only be as good as the way you routinely keep it clean. When clients rely ONLY on the number of HEPA or ULPA filters in the cleanroom ceiling to create and maintain a certain level of cleanliness, they are doomed to experiencing less than desired results.
Your cleanroom must routinely be vacuumed with a HEPA-Vacuum or ULPA-Vacuum, wet-wiped with cleaning products designed for cleanroom use, and Vacuumed AGAIN. This includes ceilings, walls, floor, and all equipment located in the cleanroom.
Our cleanroom components division has the appropriate cleaning materials and supplies of HEPA and ULPA exhaust vacuum cleaners and cleanroom mop systems designed for every size of cleanroom. Call us today for specifications.  

Combining various types of construction materials
Combination of Rigid Wall and Softwall materials

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